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  • Steven Dellamore

10 Cyber security Risks Every Small Business Owner Should Know

In a world where business is increasingly conducted online, small business owners must prioritize cybersecurity. With limited resources and expertise, they often become prime targets for cybercriminals. AI is helping the bad guys cast a wide net, and they are increasingly targeting smaller businesses because they know proper defenses are rarely in place.

Understanding the risks and preparing accordingly can mean the difference between thriving and becoming another statistic. Understanding what risks are out there is a good first step, so we have outlined 10 items that produce risk for a business, and added a way to mitigate that risk.

Cybersecurity Risk #1: Phishing Attacks Phishing attacks cleverly mimic legitimate requests for sensitive information. To combat this, invest in regular training sessions that include the latest phishing techniques and how to report suspected attacks.

Cybersecurity Risk #2: Poor Password Practices Strong passwords are a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. Encourage employees to use complex passwords, change them regularly, and never reuse them across multiple sites.

Cybersecurity Risk #3: Unprotected Wi-Fi Networks Your business's Wi-Fi can be a gateway for cyber attacks. Use WPA3 encryption, regularly update router firmware, and consider a separate network for guests.

Cybersecurity Risk #4: Lack of Regular Software Updates Cyber threats evolve rapidly, and outdated software is vulnerable. Implement a policy for regular updates and consider managed IT services to handle this process.

Cybersecurity Risk #5: Insider Threats Insider threats can be as damaging as external attacks. Conduct background checks, implement least privilege access, and monitor for unusual activity.

Cybersecurity Risk #6: Ransomware Ransomware can halt business operations. To protect yourself, regularly back up data, educate employees on the dangers of suspicious links, and invest in ransomware-specific security solutions.

Cybersecurity Risk #7: Malware Infections From keyloggers to spyware, malware comes in many forms. Invest in comprehensive anti-malware software, and establish a routine for scanning and removal.

Cybersecurity Risk #8: Inadequate Data Backups Data loss can be devastating. Implement automated backups, regularly test restoration processes, and store backups in multiple locations, including off-site.

Cybersecurity Risk #9: Supply Chain Attacks These attacks target less secure contractors within your supply chain and use them as an entry point into your network. Regularly update and patch all systems interconnected with supply chain processes and implement strict data access controls.

Cybersecurity Risk #10: Human Error Human error is a significant risk factor. Security awareness training should cover how to identify threats, the importance of reporting incidents, and safe online practices. Encourage a culture where security is everyone's responsibility.

Conclusion: Cybersecurity is complex and often too technical for those without specialized training. A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) can provide the expertise and continuous protection your small business needs, freeing you to focus on what you do best—growing your business.

What Should You Do?: Don't wait for a breach to occur. You can proactively defend your business with a variety of tactics. Here are the first two steps to take: 1) Understand your risk - the sad reality is that you could unknowingly have information or assets already exposed to the public.

2) Train yourself and your employees -you all are your first line of defense and educating everyone is a proven strategy to reduce your risk,

How Can We Help?:

BlueZone Cyber is proud to partner with small businesses like yours to provide peace of mind in a scary world. We can run a risk assessment to help you find existing vulnerabilities, and we have an entire video library of short, effective training videos that can be used to make your employees elite cyber crime detectors.


Sign up for our free, no obligation risk assessment (just fill out our 5 question form) and we'll give you free access to our ENTIRE video library of security awareness trainings for a full 10-day period! BlueZone Cyber Solutions will guide your small businesses through the cybersecurity journey from vulnerable to cyber threats to a secure and fully resilient business. Contact us today!

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