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Small Business Risk Hack - Why Cybersecurity and Insurance Go Together

The Current Landscape:

Welcome to the digital age, where small businesses are big news to cybercriminals. The harsh reality? Cyber threats don’t discriminate by business size. With 43% of cyber-attacks aimed at small businesses, the digital battle is real. Yet, here’s the kicker: only a slim 14% are prepped for an onslaught, and a mere 17% hold a cyber insurance policy. And guess what? Human slip-ups are behind 95% of breaches. Scary, right?

Let’s face it— commercial insurers are not in the business of losing money. These large insurance carriers have had a rough few years when you factor in their cyber insurance, home and auto businesses. Which means they’re tightening the ropes, demanding proof of cyber defense before they pay out a dime for breaches. No evidence? No payout. That’s the cold, hard truth in the cyber insurance game today.

Cybersecurity technologies have never been more complicated to install and manage. If they are not installed correctly, it could mean the insurance carrier will deny your claim. If your claims get denied, then why pay for insurance?

How You Should Protect Your Business:

The stark realities mentioned above mean that you need to be resilient in this risky world. Just as you secure your home with locks, security systems, and home owner’s insurance, the same is true for your business. Preventative defenses are not enough. We are human, and mistakes happen. What you need is a partner who can speak the language of both cybersecurity and insurance.

Here’s the game-changer: Managed Cybersecurity Provider meets Insurance Agency. BlueZone Cyber jumps in as the dynamic duo, providing full protection using our extensive experience in both industries. It’s a one-two punch of ironclad cybersecurity and solid insurance. Breaches might be part of the deal, but with BlueZone Cyber, you’re never in the ring alone.

BlueZone Will Take You On a Business Resiliency Journey:

Embark on a digital fortress-building journey with SecureZone. First up, we size up your risk. Then, we lay down the cybersecurity law with essential controls. Finally, we wrap your business in a safety net so snug, even the savviest cyber sneaks will think twice.

Think of BlueZone Cyber as the guardian of your digital domain, much like home security shields your family treasures. BlueZone works with businesses like yours helping to secure your digital assets, giving you the power to steer through the cyber storm with your head held high. Ready to turn cybersecurity from your headache into your crown? Let’s chat.

Here are the first two steps to take:

1) Understand your risk - the sad reality is that you could unknowingly have information or assets already exposed to the public.

2) Train yourself and your employees -you all are your first line of defense and educating everyone is a proven strategy to reduce your risk,

How Can We Help?:

BlueZone Cyber is proud to partner with small businesses like yours to provide peace of mind in a scary world. We can run a risk assessment to help you find existing vulnerabilities, and we have an entire video library of short, effective training videos that can be used to make your employees elite cyber crime detectors.


Sign up and we'll give you free access to our ENTIRE video library of security awareness trainings for a full 10-day period! BlueZone Cyber Solutions will guide your small businesses through the cybersecurity journey from being vulnerable to cyber threats to a secure and fully resilient business. Contact us today!


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