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Secure & Insure:
One-Stop Solution for Your Business Protection Needs.

BlueZone brings enterprise-level expertise to your SMB

Discover affordable, top-tier technology and access seasoned engineers and a rapid-response team for a fraction of the usual cost.

Meet BlueZone Cyber Solutions.

Welcome!  We love the work that we do each day, especially working with small business owners. At BlueZone Cyber Solutions, we protect your business and enable your success by providing world-class, cutting-edge cybersecurity products and business insurance, backed by extensive industry experience. We firmly believe in being easy to work with and consistently delivering on our promises. Partnering with great, like-minded companies, who recognize the importance of protecting your business, data, and bottom line.  

We encourage you to take a look around our site. Whether you're seeking
cybersecurity, insurance, or staff training, we're here to help and look forward to connecting with you.

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Jay Fribourg
Co-Founder / Chief Revenue Officer

Fully Managed Boutique Cybersecurity Service & Business Insurance

Virtual Professional Installation
24/7 Incident Response Team
Comprehensive Protection
Email Security
Secure Browsing
Threat Prevention
Cloud Apps
Device Protection
Next-Generation AI/ML Firewall
Cyber Awareness
Is your small business equipped to handle a cyber attack?

Sign up for a BlueZone Security Assessment to pinpoint your vulnerabilities, check for exposed assets on the dark web, and evaluate potential financial impacts before a breach occurs. 
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BlueZone Method

The HOW matters. How you secure your business could be the difference between business-as-usual or a catastrophic event. As a business, you need to understand your risk and compliance requirements.  In today's world, that's hard to do without a trusted advisor. Find out why a managed cybersecurity solution plus cyber insurance is the right strategy to protect your business.

Step into the SecureZone for holistic digital protection!

BlueZone Philosophy

Today's world requires you to plan for the worst.
With BlueZone, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3



Have a Trusted Advisor

Bad guys only have to be right once. That risk is too much to take on, which is why you need a managed security service provider. A lot is thrown at your employees every single day. BlueZone Cyber Solutions is prepared, ready and willing to step-in and fight the bad guys on your behalf.


Understand Your Risk

You can't plug holes unless you know where they are, but they can be hard to find. Our SecureZone platform allows you to continuously monitor for vulnerabilities, and automatically fixes them for you. The platform also tracks compliance frameworks to help avoid fines.


Have a Safety Net

Nothing reduces your risk to zero, no matter what someone is selling you. Cyber Insurance is a vital part of a complete strategy. Human error happens, and you have to protect yourself against it. We believe that a complete cybersecurity solution incorporates preventative technology and an insurance policy.

We understand the challenges small business owners face. Cybersecurity is not one you should tackle on your own. Our goal is to simplify the process by handling the complex aspects behind the scenes, so our customers can simply press the 'easy button' and have peace of mind. Start with a FREE security assessment today!


We donate 10% of profits to charity 

At our company, we believe in the power of business for good, and we support meaningful causes that align with our values. That's why we prioritize giving back to our community before we pay ourselves. Together, we can create a better world, one donation at a time.

-The BlueZone Team


Why choose 


With our extensive experience, we offer unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the evolving threat landscape. We leverage the best technologies available to provide comprehensive security solutions, ensuring your business remains protected. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of trust and values in our partnership. Cybersecurity for small businesses.

Cybersecurity Services You Can Trust

Managed Cybersecurity Services.  

Cyber Insurance for Small Business. 

Expert guidance.

Tailored solutions.

Compliance and risk management.


Wouldn't it be nice to go to sleep at night knowing your business, people, and customers are safe from cyber attacks

The answer for your business is to engage a managed security service provider and purchase a cyber insurance policy. BlueZone Cyber is the one stop shop to help you simplify, combine and save on those offerings.

The BlueZone Experience

Simplicity.  Experienced. White-glove Support.   

30 Years Experience

Our extensive knowledge, skills and practical experience to effectively safeguard systems and data from potential cybersecurity threats.

Best-of-breed Technologies

Mutually beneficial partnerships with vendors, which enables us to offer our customers access to the most effective and cutting-edge security solutions available on the market.


Seamless and straightforward customer experience by providing easy button purchasing options, efficient installation, management and fast service for all IT security needs.

Purpose-Driven Company

We are committed to our company's core values and principles, which includes using our business as a force for good by donating 10% of overall profits to charitable causes worldwide.  


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