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Managed cyber security and Cyber insurance for business

Cyber Insurance

Your Trusted Risk Advisor

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In addition to physical risks like property damage and liability, small businesses also face risks that come from using technology.
Cyber insurance provides our valued clients with comprehensive protection for a wide range of cyber incidents, including:
  • breaches of personally identifying or personally sensitive information
  • threats of unauthorized intrusion into or interference with computer systems
  • damage to data and systems from computer attacks and cyber-related litigation
Cyber insurance is your safety net.

Struggling to Find Cyber Insurance?

Insurance carriers have been cracking down due to the number of claims. They made mistakes in the early years, and now they are denying many SMBs due to their lack of security protocols. BlueZone Cyber can help in both areas! Our security bundles are designed for SMBs and automatically qualify you for a cyber insurance policy! Two birds, one stone.


BlueZone Solution

Cyber Applications are too technical to fill out

Let the BlueZone team fill out the application on your behalf! We know these applications backwards and forwards.

Carriers are denying customers because they don't have security controls in place

Purchase a BlueZone security bundle and you're automatically qualified for a policy! We know what carriers are looking for, and how to make sure your company has it.

Exclusions. Carriers are denying a lot of claims

If you fill out the application incorrectly, you're likely to have your claim denied. Let the BlueZone team make sure your claims get paid out!

Why Cyber Insurance?

Did you know? 70% of breached businesses go out of business within six months.
Network Firewall

Cyber Attacks Rising

  • 43% of attacks are now aimed at Small/Medium business

  • 55% of Ransomware hit businesses with fewer than 100 employees

  • Social engineering attacks are 350% more common for employees of small businesses


Human Error

95% of cybersecurity breaches are attributed to human error*. Large corporations get breached even with teams of professionals to stop it, and it's largely due to human errors.


*World Economic Forum


Protect Against Financial Loss

Insurance can provide coverage for expenses like:

  1. Legal Fees

  2. Government Fines - you will be fined per incident AND per record

  3. Public Relations (crisis management)

  4. Notification Costs


Layered Security Strategy

You can't leave anything to chance in today's world. You must have multiple layers of protection as part of a comprehensive security strategy.

Anti-virus is not a strategy.

Why Risk It? Secure Your Small Business with Cyber Insurance Today

Nothing reduces your risk to zero, no matter what someone is selling you. Get peace of mind in a digital world full of uncertainties. Let us provide the safety net your business needs.

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Provide just a few details below, and experience our quick service - expect a response the same day.  We'll guide you towards obtaining the optimal insurance coverage, superior claims service, and competitive pricing.

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