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Our Team

Better Security. Better Life.

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Jay Fribourg

Chief Revenue Officer

I'm thrilled about the incredible work we are doing at BlueZone.  Our highest priority is to provide a seamless experience for our valued customers.  I love leading with charity and making a positive impact in the  cybersecurity and insurance industry.

Jay is an experienced entrepreneur, with a proven track record of building successful companies from the ground up. Most recently, he played a key role in building an early-stage cybersecurity distributor to generate over $1B in annual revenue. Prior to that, Jay spent nine years in the insurance industry, where he built and sold an independent insurance agency. He has worked closely with hundreds of small business owners to help them navigate their cybersecurity, insurance and business development needs.


After spending 20 incredible years in Austin, TX, Jay and his family embarked on a life-changing vacation to Costa Rica.  It was love at first sight and Covid proved the digital work environment could be transferred to any location around the globe.  Jay and his family have found their best life living a hybrid lifestyle splitting time on the beach in Playa Samara, Costa Rica surrounded by lush jungle that brings daily visits from howler monkeys and exotic birds and in Austin, TX.  Jay has discovered a like-minded and progressive community that shares his values and aspirations to help the world.  He enjoys playing with his kids along with soccer, running, golfing, and surfing. Pura vida!

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Steve Dellamore

Chief Operations Officer

I wake up excited to help protect small businesses from the bad guys.  At BlueZone, we safely enable our customers to reach their full potential through technology, and we design our solutions to provide a white-glove experience. Supporting our local communities is also at the core of our business, buoyed by our charity efforts.


Steve Dellamore has spent 10+ years on the operations and sales side of the cybersecurity industry in various roles and has a Master's degree in entrepreneurship from UT Austin. His experience, in combination with his master's degree, provides him with a deep understanding of how to establish and scale a company from square 1 strategically. He meticulously builds and optimizes the processes BlueZone uses to operate, and his ability to streamline is unmatched.

Steve and his wife live in central Texas and are kept nice and busy with their three young boys.  He loves all things outdoors, enjoying golf, rock climbing, hiking, and playing with his boys.

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Shawn Mininger

Chief Technology Officer

Our mission to protect and enable businesses is not a slogan, it is our passion. Our commitment to safeguarding digital assets is paralleled by our desire to uplift communities, a principle deeply embedded in our operations. By fortifying businesses and supporting charities, we align our efforts towards a common goal - enabling others to thrive. It's a reflection of our belief that a successful cybersecurity business should not only be measured by its ability to protect but also by its capacity to give back and foster growth.


Shawn M. Mininger brings more than 30 years of innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit in the cybersecurity realm. As a Marine Corps veteran, his disciplined and strategic approach has been instrumental in advancing cybersecurity solutions. Shawn has a history of transformative leadership roles, where his efforts have significantly contributed to setting industry standards and driving technological innovation. His entrepreneurial journey includes launching multiple successful ventures that emerged as leaders in cybersecurity training and services, showcasing his ability to identify needs and fill them with cutting-edge solutions. With a rich portfolio of certifications and a track record of driving technological advancements, Shawn exemplifies visionary leadership in developing cutting-edge solutions to protect and empower the digital world. 

Shawn lives in Texas with his wife, children, and puppies. He has a passion for serving his community, enjoys riding horses on the range, surfboards on the waves, and is on a never-ending quest to perfect his chili recipe. Shawn continues to develop his limited guitar playing skills and has a dream of building a real lightsaber. 

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Powered by an experienced team of top certified security engineers

Our Industry Experts and Engineers are standing by to assist our valued customers with project planning, purchasing, installing, ongoing management and incident response.

Backed by our strategic partnerships

Our vendor partnerships are the foundation of our expertise and strength, providing us with deep relationships that enhance our ability to deliver top-notch solutions. These partnerships also allow us to offer value adds wrapped around each vendor, ensuring comprehensive and tailored cybersecurity services for our clients.  

And our families

At BlueZone, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of family and deeply appreciate their unwavering support. We are dedicated to fostering a healthy work-life balance that encompasses the entire family, embracing their involvement and cherishing the valuable contributions they bring to our growing business.  

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Owners family
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