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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Empower Your Business with Cyber Awareness 
Training and Phishing Simulation 

That's not boring or tedious: Plus, receive a certificate to meet cyber insurance requirements

Boost your team's cyber defense with short, to the point training & real-life stories. Start for free!


Lack of Cyber Awareness Increases Risk. 

85% of Data Breaches Involve Human Error

Get a Sneak Peek of Our Cyber Awareness Training Journey

Watch now the first two videos of our cyber awareness training series.  If you like what you see, unlock the entire course for free for 10 days.  Complete the journey in just 30 minutes and earn a Cyber Compliance Certificate.  Dive in!

Why Did We Hack You?

Explore the motivations and methods behind cyber attacks. This eye-opening video gives you a hacker's perspective on vulnerabilities in business security.

Here's How I'll Hack You?

Delve into the techniques used in successful cyber attacks. This video demonstrates the common weaknesses exploited by cyber criminals.

Cyber Awareness Training Path

Embark on a course of 22 quick, impactful videos that your team can finish in under 30 minutes.  Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion, serving as a mark of their achievement and a valuable addition to your cyber insurance documentation, highlighting your commitment to comprehensive cybersecurity training.  Take this step today to strengthen your organization's defense against cyber threats.

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Request Your Free Cyber Risk Assessment Report & Access Our Premier Cyber Awareness Training for Your Team for 10 Days.

Free Cybersecurity Risk
Assessment Report

Receive a non-intrusive scan of your website domain designed to pinpoint publicly exposed vulnerable assets, compromised credentials, dark web findings. network issues and more.  A variety of open doors that can be exploited by hackers to launch attacks against your company and customers.

Risk Assessmen & 10 Days Training

Kickstart Your Cybersecurity Journey: Free Risk Assessment & 10 Days of Cyber Awareness Training

Expect a comprehensive report within 24 hours after submitting the form.

Level up your cyber awareness culture with BlueZone. Simplify your path to staying informed and protected, turning your team into a fortress against cyber threats.  Sign up today for a more secure tomorrow.

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