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Small Business Packages

Select the Small Business Package That's Right for You

Our services help you secure your operations by outsourcing your IT security to the experts using enterprise-grade technologies
- perfect for small businesses of 1 to 50 users!

 Security Starter Top Choice 



48 /mo/user

or $43 /mo/user - Annual Payment

This is crafted for small businesses starting at one user, who are in need of essential security measures to guard against disruptions in their daily operations. It includes vital security protections, data backup solutions, and security awareness training. Designed for those with minimal technical experience, our fully managed service acts as your behind-the-scenes IT security expert. This enables you to minimize risks and concentrate on running and growing your business with confidence.


​​​Cloud Data Backup

Email Security

Cyber Awareness Training

Identity Protection

Endpoint Protection

Device Management


 Security Starter Top Choice 



70 /mo/user

or $63 /mo/user - Annual Payment

This level is  ideal for small businesses who need an extra layer for device backup, data access controls, and patch management. This bundle builds in the extra layers of protection that reduce risk for a business, and provides the device management that ensures you and your employees are secure and always up to date.


Includes everything in ESSENTIAL, plus:

Advanced Device Backup

Advanced Data Loss Prevention

Advanced Device Management


 Security Starter Top Choice 



105 /mo/user

or $95 /mo/user - Annual Payment

This is our most complete package. It includes everything in Essentials and Advanced and the protections become ubiquitous with this comprehensive package. The security extends to your collaboration apps (like Teams, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc…) and travels with you on the go. It secures your cloud drives, your connections and your communications.


Includes everything in ADVANCED, plus:

Cloud Native Next-Gen Firewall

Collaboration App Scanning

Secure Communications VPN


SecureZone is a cloud-based security software compatible with Windows, macOS or any device with a web browser.  Access to the software will be professionally installed remotely at a scheduled time.    



What Our Clients Say:

I had the pleasure of working with BlueZone Cyber Solutions to set up security measures for my husband and my business. As someone with limited knowledge of cyber security, they were incredibly helpful and patient, spending time with each of us to walk through the setup process.  Their dedication and commitment to ensuring our business's security was truly outstanding. 

Jessica Hansen, Andy Pandy Kids

Our Solutions 


Simplified Approach:
Streamlining Your Cybersecurity Journey

We understand that small businesses approach cybersecurity purchases differently.  Unlike larger companies, which buy fragmented solutions piece by piece, small business owners need a comprehensive, all-encompassing product that fits their needs, risk factors, and budget, backed by a dependable team for support.

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Our Managed Security Service Provider Approach

Welcome to our Managed Security Service, where your cybersecurity needs are expertly managed by a team of experienced senior engineers. We understand the critical importance of safeguarding your digital devices, networks, and sensitive information from unauthorized access, theft, and damage. With our comprehensive approach, we provide a range of security measures designed to protect your business from potential cyber threats


Our team begins by conducting a thorough assessment of your existing security infrastructure. We identify vulnerabilities and potential risks, analyzing your network architecture, systems, and data flow. This assessment provides valuable insights into your security posture and enables us to tailor our solutions to your specific needs.


Once the assessment is complete, our team moves swiftly to implement robust security measures. We deploy cutting-edge technologies, configure firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other necessary tools to fortify your defenses. Our installation process is meticulous, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems while minimizing disruption to your operations.


Our senior engineers take charge of the ongoing management of your security infrastructure. We continuously monitor your systems, network traffic, and security logs, promptly addressing any suspicious activities or potential threats. Through proactive maintenance and security updates, we ensure that your defenses remain strong and up to date.


In the unfortunate event of a security incident or breach, our dedicated incident response team is ready to take immediate action. We follow a well-defined incident response plan, containing the threat, mitigating damages, and restoring your systems to normalcy. Our team conducts thorough investigations to identify the root cause and implements measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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