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Our Cybersecurity Services

An Experienced Partner You Can Trust for Any Size Business

Managed cyber security and Cyber insurance for business

Every Industry Has Unique
Cybersecurity and Insurance Needs.

At BlueZone Cyber Solutions, we tailor our cybersecurity and insurance solutions to meet the unique challenges of each industry. Recognizing that there's no one-size-fits-all solution, we focus on specific needs to protect your business, manage risks, and allow you to concentrate on growth and innovation. Explore our bespoke services and see how we can support your sector's security and insurance requirements.

We understand that small businesses approach cybersecurity purchases differently.  Small businesses need a comprehensive, all-encompassing product, backed by a dependable team for support.

Boost your team's cyber defense with short, to the point training covering the basics, real-life stories and policies and procedures. Start for free!

We offer comprehensive compliance services to meet increasing regulations and reporting.  We support numerous frameworks with senior level guided scoping, policies, controls, evidence collection, and continuous monitoring need to prepare for audits.

Receive a non-intrusive scan of your website domain designed to pinpoint vulnerabilities, delivering tailored insights specific to your business.


Businesses of all sizes have security products that they've purchased and haven't installed or partially deployed.  Lean on us to install and configure products so they work as designed.

Live, instructor-led online Palo Alto Networks courses on a guaranteed to run schedule with access to state-of-the-art hands-on labs.

Managed cyber security and Cyber insurance for business

Multi-Layered Approach

From our signature 'easy button' purchase process to providing a robust safety net, BlueZone is your go-to solution for minimizing potential risks.  Achieve peace of mind, knowing your business is safeguarded by our trusted and proven solutions.

Powered by Cutting-Edge Next-Generation Security Vendors


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Shawn Mininger, Chief Technology Officer

Shawn M. Mininger brings more than 30 years of innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit in the cybersecurity realm. As a Marine Corps veteran, his disciplined and strategic approach has been instrumental in advancing cybersecurity solutions. Shawn has a history of transformative leadership roles, where his efforts have significantly contributed to setting industry standards and driving technological innovation. His entrepreneurial journey includes launching multiple successful ventures that emerged as leaders in cybersecurity training and services, showcasing his ability to identify needs and fill them with cutting-edge solutions. With a rich portfolio of certifications and a track record of driving technological advancements, Shawn exemplifies visionary leadership in developing cutting-edge solutions to protect and empower the digital world. 

Begin Your Cybersecurity Journey Today

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