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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Tailored Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Needs

Whether you lack an IT security team, or have a team overwhelmed by daily IT tasks, and, like many companies, face uninstalled security products or incomplete deployments, or if you're striving to meet cyber insurance and compliance requirements, you can depend on us to bolster your security infrastructure. Leverage our expert engineering team's extensive knowledge across a wide range of vendors—we're ready to step in and provide the support you need.


Our Managed Cybersecurity Services

At BlueZone, we provide your business with industry-leading cybersecurity services. Our engineers each have 10 to 30 years of cybersecurity experience, which means we complete jobs faster and with confidence because we know what we're doing. We are proud to partner with your company and deliver on our promises.


Why BlueZone?

When businesses seek BlueZone for Managed Cybersecurity Services, it's because they:

  • Face Challenges in Regulatory Compliance: Organizations concerned about adhering to evolving cybersecurity laws and standards.

  • Lack Cybersecurity Health Insights: Businesses without the means to evaluate their cybersecurity stance or safeguard against threats like ransomware.

  • Require Team Augmentation: Companies in need of bolstering their in-house cybersecurity capabilities.

  • Operate Without a Security Team: Entities lacking dedicated security personnel to identify and resolve cybersecurity issues.

  • Need Post-Breach Assurance: Organizations seeking assurance and action after experiencing a data breach, unsure if stolen data has been compromised further.

Comprehensive, Yet Simple Cybersecurity

User Protection

Securing your frontline: the end-users. For businesses looking to:

  • Extend their cyber insurance coverage.

  • Enhance staff ability to recognize cyber threats.

  • Complement their existing cybersecurity workforce.


Network Defense

Guarding every user and the local network. For organizations that:

  • Find their security teams overwhelmed by compliance changes.

  • Are expanding and vulnerable to data breaches.

  • Seek strategic cybersecurity advice.


Complete Security Ecosystem

An all-encompassing solution for your entire digital landscape. For entities that:

  • Navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

  • Are too vast for their IT teams to secure single-handedly.

  • Require continuous strategic cybersecurity input.


Customized Security Selection

Craft your security suite from an array of specialized tools. For organizations that:

  • Identified specific needs through assessments.

  • Have cybersecurity leaders targeting particular vulnerabilities.

  • Are on a tight budget but committed to enhancing their cybersecurity.

Our Promise

  • Swift Implementation: Quick onboarding to elevate your defenses immediately, keeping cyber threats at bay.

  • Around-the-Clock Monitoring: Our Security Operations Center ensures your protection is relentless, day and night.

  • Risk Reduction: Advanced cybersecurity practices that shield your organization from cyberattacks, ransomware, and breaches.

  • Employee Safeguarding: Tools like Web Content Filtering and Email Protection that mitigate employee exposure to cyber risks, alongside training to recognize and repel threats.

  • Proactive Security Posture: Continuous monitoring for potential threats, proactively strengthening your cyber resilience.

  • Multi-Layered Defense Strategy: A holistic approach to cybersecurity that not only counteracts threats but educates on the importance of human vigilance in maintaining security and ensures recovery readiness.

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