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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Unlock Your Complimentary Cyber Risk Assessment 

Free Cybersecurity Risk
Assessment Report

Receive a non-intrusive scan of your website domain designed to pinpoint publicly exposed vulnerable assets, compromised credentials, dark web findings. network issues and more.  A variety of open doors that can be exploited by hackers to launch attacks against your company and customers.

Find Out Your Cybersecurity Posture Rating  

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The risk analysis allows you to measure and understand your organization's security readiness.  By benchmarking against industry standards, you gain valuable insights into how your cybersecurity measures stack up in comparison to others in your sector.

Discover External Risk Findings 

We focus on the vast discovery of external risk findings across three categories: Applications, Network & IT, and Compromised Credentials.  Each main category is carefully subdivided into more than 15 unique sub-categories, creating an all-encompassing, intensive risk-assessment framework.

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Insights from Surface Scan

Your complete risk posture is identified by our External Surface Scan and offers an extensive overview or your business's cyber exposure, covering assets, data vulnerabilities, and technologies that could be entry points for hackers.

Possible Financial Loss

Provides estimate of the potential financial loss that can occur based on the scan results, taking into account the industry, the findings, the size of the digital footprint (# of discovered assets), and the company's size.

Begin Your Free Assessment Insurance Training

Begin Your Free Cyber Risk Assessment

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